Carolina's work has been reviewed and covered in several Spanish newspapers and magazines such as: ABC,  El Pais, La Razon, Metro Madrid, Galeria y Anticuario, El Punto de Las Artes, El ABC de las Artes, Vogue Spain, Marie Claire and Clara. Venezuelan media coverage has also been received from El Mundo, El Universal, Kena, and El Nacional.

Carolina has also been inteviewed on TV shows such as "Casa America" from Antena 3 International, which aired in Spanish-speaking channels in the U.S., Mexico and South America, by Telemadrid which aired in Spain and by Cadena Global in Venezuela.

Her work has appeared and been written about in numerous publications such as: Creativity 31, The Big Book of Design Ideas, The Creativity 30 Annual, The Year's Best Design Annual (published by Hearst Books International), and trade magazines such as: Inspire, Step-by-Step Graphics and How Magazine.

Finally, Carolina has also won various awards such as American Graphic Design, John Caples, Communicator, HOW magazine, Art Director's Club, AIGA and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela.